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custom manufactured playing cardsRecently QPC has expanded and upgraded our facility. WOW What a move. Over the last few weekends we have been moving over all of the machines and equipment into the new office. You never really know exactly how much “Stuff” you have until it comes time to move, And wow how heavy everything is. Those large pieces of machinery take a forklift to move and you have to be super careful. We had some small issues with the new racks for the paper but with a hammer and some WD-40 we were able to get them taken care of and put in place. Our new shipment of paper should be coming in soon so we are getting prepared for that. We haven’t had too much down time but there were some problems with the phones when the phone company installed the new lines but all is up and running now. We have moved into a larger facility and brought on more friendly faces to help with the new equipment. We have added a new cutter specific to our cards as well as a new printer that we are overly excited about. The printer allows us more options an possibilities then before. We can make custom wedding cards just for you with a new lower minimum. We are now offering 10 deck minimums! The new minimums is huge news for us. Our clients asked for lower minimums and we listened. With our new lower minimums we are trying to offer shorter turn around times with the same great quality.