Custom Playing Cards Used for What?

Customized Playing Cards

Between wars and towers, a deck of customized playing cards has many other uses other than simply playing games. The United States Playing Card Company, founded in 1867, is the world’s largest producer of playing cards and sells more than 100 million decks of playing cards annually.

American soldiers who were being held in German camps during World War II were sent specially-constructed decks made by the United States Playing Card Company in collaboration with the government. When the prisoners wet the cards, they peeled apart and revealed parts of maps that would lead them to personal freedom.

Bryan Berg used his hobby of card-tower building to earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 1992 he created the “world’s tallest card tower” and since then, he’s continued to win honors for building even higher towers. His biggest achievement has been a 7.7m tower that took 2400 decks to build.

Card games have been a popular custom for people around the world for centuries. The first known card game was played in China in the 9th century as a form of entertainment. Soon enough, playing card popularity spread over the world. Very soon, each country had its own card games and also their own versions of playing cards.

Today, customized playing cards have become an essential part of the culture and customs of many countries. However, playing cards are not only used for card games. Over the years, people have found various innovative uses for cards.

One such popular use of cards is for magic tricks. For many centuries, magic through playing cards has captivated and enthralled people in many countries. It is believed, that card magic tricks date back to the 16th or the 17th centuries. Even today, card tricks are the most basic form of magic and are very popular. Special trick decks and magic cards are available that help magicians perform various elaborate tricks without any difficulty.

Another popular use of customized cards has been for Tarot readings. Tarot cards are known to have existed since the 15th century. According to scholars, Italy was the first place where Tarot had been developed as a card game. The tarot cards are significantly different than the playing cards that we know today and the symbolism of the figures on these cards is believed to be an important ancient stream of knowledge that has been used since centuries for predicting the personal futures of many people. Tarot cards are still very widely used today, several people take extensive training in reading tarot cards to be able to decipher the messages that are being revealed by the figures in these cards.

Cards have also been used for centuries for fortune telling and divination. It is believed that playing cards began to be used as a medium of predicting the future in mid-18th century in England. However, in other European countries this art had been practiced much earlier. France in particular had been involved in the use of cards for fortune telling since as early as the 16th century. Even today, cards are still being used for receiving divine messages and indications as well as for predicting fortune.

Other than these too, playing cards have been used in a variety of ways. Cards and decks are not just used for playing card games but are often a prized possession for various card collectors. Several rare and expensive card packs are often made from luxurious silver and gold material and decorated with elaborated carvings and designs as souvenir packs or as a unique gift.

Many people for hundreds of years have also used cards to teach mathematics. Teaching math with playing cards can add a lot of fun to any lesson.

No matter how cards are used, they continue to be an intrinsic part of the lives of people in countries throughout the world.

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Bridging A Gap Between The Ages

First of all, I’d like to say, I’m 86 years of age and I still LOVE the game of bridge. My friends (what’s left of them) and I have been playing bridge for almost 70 years, and the game has brought true joy to our lives.

I’ve always thought of what will happen to the game of bridge after we’re all gone, and with the advent of the digital age with children having access to all types of electronic gadgets to keep them amused.

Heck, many of today’s young people play digital card games such as solitaire and other games on PDA’s, cell phones, laptops, tablets, I-Pad’s and the Internet.

So I came up with an idea to introduce our love of bridge to a younger generation, hoping in some way we can share the true meaning of playing cards together; which is the camaraderie and the love for one another we’ve endured for many decades.

I wanted my children, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren to see that spending time with one another in a fun, but also competitive atmosphere can be enriching, and playing cards is one of the many true joys in life.

My house is full of pictures of those I love and I thought; how nice it would be to create some photo playing cards and give them out to the entire family for the holidays!

My niece is pretty darn good at the computer, so I pulled 54 pictures together and we sat down and scanned them all into digital files. I also found our family coat of arms and thought that would make a great border around the cards. I was a school teacher for 50 years and had some experience in layout/design on projects for our students.

Our next task was to find a company that specialized in photo playing cards. We searched on the Internet and made a few inquiries, and only one company called us back: Quality Playing Cards & Games, Inc. (QPC’s) in Orlando. I live in Portland, OR and I was a bit leery ordering from a company so far away, but QPC’s assured me my order was in safe hands as they print photo playing cards for people all over the world!

From the outset, QPC’s exceeded our expectations, and showed us the layout/proof we envisioned originally, within just a few days. And just as important, the price they offered us for a low quantity of decks (we ordered 50) was extremely fair and competitive.

When we gave the photo playing cards out for the holidays, our family was enthralled. We immediately began playing with them and the kids just thought it was wonderful to see the pictures of all of us on the cards. We knew right then and there, they would keep the cards for generations.

We started inviting the kids (I have 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and 3 great grandkids) to come over more often to learn bridge and many other games for the youngsters. My daughter started a bridge club with her friends and she actually beats up on me on a regular basis!

The photo playing cards from Customized Playing Cards are such a great hit, and I love playing with them showing my friends and others we play with, the various pictures of my family on the photo playing cards.

Thank you QPC’s, the photo playing cards are a huge hit with our family and have actually brought us much closer together!

Eleanor Whitman, Portland OR

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Will Your Game Night Be… Personalized?

Personalized playing cards are perfect for your next game night, but will they really help you win more? Will your personalized playing cards help you gain an advantage simply by your true passion in life, sports team or special event being on them?

It’s an interesting concept, and much of it stems from how much confidence you can achieve from something you believe in. Many scholars believe that you can manifest certain actions in life simply by believing wholeheartedly in what you are trying to achieve.

So when it comes to personalized playing cards, can they really help you win more hands?

Your opponents have never seen cards like personalized playing cards from Quality Playing Cards and Games, Inc. (QPC) and they just may intimidate them! QPC makes a complete line of personalized playing cards that feel incredible and look even better! Your personalized playing cards will command your competitors’ attention, and they may even give you an additional advantage!

Eddie Van Halen didn’t play any old guitar when he shredded “Eruption.” Michael Jordan didn’t win basketball championships wearing any old shoes. Pros pick the tools that work best for their performance and your personalized playing cards will give you the confidence you will need to win more hands!

QPC’s personalized playing cards are the top of the line, period. Many card players use our personalized playing cards because they handle well and get a great initial, and even continual, intimidating reaction from their competitors.

Many of our personalized playing cards are coated with an exclusive, easy-to-handle finish. When you hold them, you’ll know that they will fan beautifully and last for ages. That means you can choose the style of personalized playing cards that best suits your passion, further enhancing your ability to win more hands!

Whatever game you are playing using cards; you can choose to make use of personalized playing cards instead of the usual cards that are commercially manufactured to help give you some additional confidence in the game you may not already have. Everyone can create their own deck of personalized playing cards, designed according to their specifications and preferences with QPC’s!

Always remember, and most importantly, you want to have fun while playing cards, regardless of the game you are playing. When you are playing solo, you would probably appreciate playing with a deck of personalized playing cards with a design that is personally appealing to only you. There are no limitations to the design you choose to implement, as long as you stick to the fundamentals of playing cards.

Thanks to modern technology, you can contribute to your success by choosing to personalize your own card decks!

There are many designs and personalization options available when choosing a set of personalized playing cards to give as a gift as well!

No matter who the gift is for, choosing to buy personalized playing cards for a card game enthusiast as a holiday gift is sure to be a hit. Personalized items are one of the trendiest purchases in terms of holiday gift ideas.

While it is likely that someone who enjoys playing cards already has a few decks, none of them will be as special as their very own personalized deck featuring a motif they love, a sports team they root for, or symbolism from their alma mater. Don’t wait, Contact Us and let us earn your business today!

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Will You Be THE HIT Of The Party?

Corporate events are about gathering people together to meet for a common business purpose, and there are all types of business events that companies invest into each year. More importantly, you want your business guests & associates to remember and talk about the event and your brand after they have attended.

The best gifts will achieve this and more, will be used time after time and more often than not… extremely creative.

Our customized playing cards with options for customization on either front or back (or both) offer plenty of room for creativity! By printing your company products (or services), brand, event and other creative ideas on either side, not only offers  plenty of extra brand visibility, but it creates a fun way for your target audience to remember your brand and various key messages.

You can do so much for your business on 54 customized playing cards! From a single advertising image printed 54 times, to a more of a brochure style with each card showing a different product and/or message. You can even opt to organize your promotion campaign in 4 categories and/or suits!

We offer high-quality, customized playing cards for both individuals and organizations. Whether you need something for a family wedding, a business conference or a promotional tool, we can offer you top quality customized playing cards at an extremely reasonable price. It’s as simple as providing the artwork to us, and let us take care of the rest!

We’ve been in the customized playing card business for over 14+ years and we absolutely love what we do!

People have enjoyed card games for many, many years. Did you know that the sandwich was invented through playing cards? John Montague, Earl of Sandwich, was a compulsive gambler and he lived in England during the 1700s.

He loved playing cards so much that he wouldn’t leave even the table for meals (we hope he had a rest room nearby!). He had a servant bring him a piece of meat between two slices of bread, this enabled him to play cards with one hand and eat with the other.

This new meal was named “the sandwich.”

Now you can have your name, logo or message imprint in full color on customized playing cards made especially for you! Customized playing cards are an economical way to put your name in the palm of the hands of your business associates, business partners and anyone you do business with!

Our customized playing cards come in high quality print and are a hard to crease industry quality bendable card, same as what casinos use. You can order your customized deck of playing cards in bulk at a heavily discounted price from Quality Playing Cards & Games, Inc. (QPC’s). The more you buy, the cheaper your customized playing cards get!

We welcome wholesale or personal orders, so whatever your needs are in customized playing cards, you’ll be sure to get a great deal at high quality customized playing cards here at QPC’s!

Customized playing cards favors are an exciting gift to give to anyone in your business network, your family, your friends, and just about anyone; as EVERYONE loves to play cards!

Customized playing cards show the thought and attention-to-detail you put into creating something unique that will last for many years. Customized playing cards are a great idea for special events, business gifts, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, birth announcements, pets, graduations, holidays, fundraisers, trade show giveaways and much, much more!

Contact Us today and let us earn your business!

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How to shuffle your Customized Playing Cards

If you already purchased customized playing cards or are planning on getting your hands on a deck of cards here are some tips for shuffling your cards like a pro. Have you ever watched those casinos and the playing card shuffling machines, called the boot, shuffles six decks of playing cards at once? Could you imagine shuffling playing cards like that? Seems pretty impossible. With these four steps, you too can now shuffle cards like the professionals in Las Vegas.

  1. Split the deck into approximately one half. You will want to try to get as many cards in one hand as the other to make the shuffling easy. But if you do not have the exact amount, that’s just fine too. Whatever you do, do not count them out equally!
  2. In each hand, put your thumb on the outer edge of the deck of cards in your hand. Put both your ring and middle fingers on the other side of the deck giving just enough pressure to curl the cards into your hands.
  3. With your index finger, push down on the center of the deck of cards. This will bend one side of the cards where your thumbs are.
  4. Gently pull your thumbs back which will release the deck of cards onto the flat surface. If this is done correctly, all cards will filter throughout each other making for a good deck of shuffled cards. All you have to do is compile them together for a newly shuffled deck!



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Why Customized Playing Cards?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your company pens and sticky note pads that are distributed at conventions? They end up in the trash! Remember, dull gifts are indicative of a dull company. Don’t succumb to mediocrity! Explore the extraordinary with high quality customized playing cards. With personalized playing cards, you are a step above the rest in creativity, marketing, and freshness. These are all components of an extraordinary company. The next time you want to impress a corporate group, don’t distribute a pen; give them a deck of customized playing cards.

customized playing cards

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Customized Playing Cards In the News


Quality Playing Cards & Games, Inc. of Orlando, Florida has received raving reviews from consumers since its inception in 1999 and has been featured in the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper. Customized Playing Cards offers a variety of personalized, promotional playing cards, custom cards, and card-related games including tarot, flash and educational cards, games and game boards, game accessories, and custom retail packaging.

In a recent release, Quality Playing Cards & Games, Inc. announced their affiliation with International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI). As a certified member of ICTI, Customized Playing Cards is acclaimed worldwide in the toy industry. According to ICTI, affiliates are dedicated to the delivery of uniform safety standards, the elimination of trade barriers, and to the promotion of responsibility within the toy industry. Additionally, ICTI affiliates are recognized for their exceptional employment practices. For the Central Florida based company, the ICTI seal of approval may result in additional employment, especially as they continue to expand their product. For more information about Customized Playing Cards, visit

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